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Rosa Say

Gray, you make a critically important distinction here; doing what you DO love versus what you’ve been conditioned to, or have reasoned to love. In particular, when we are young, it is very difficult to shut out the voices of well-meaning adults who we know care about us sincerely, so we can listen to our own self-talk on what it is we truly want. I have learned that listening to our wanting can be a very good thing.

Your story also describes something I think is very common for entrepreneurs – and I admit I still struggle with it as I write this – getting one’s work to be a business (which can hum along without you) versus a stressful practice (increasingly dependent on your labor). Saying “no” and learning to let certain things go become a more comfortable mantra as we get smarter about it.

I clicked in to Santorimedia today, and wow! What an artist you have become! It is quite magnificent; Congratulations. You now seem to be living in your aloha.

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